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Book on Cancer Touts the Benefits of Kangen Water

Robert G. Wright, author of Killing Cancer – Not People, highly recommends drinking anti-oxidant, alkaline Kangen Water for overall good health in Chapter 6 of his book. In fact, he devotes the entire chapter to this subject.

“This book is an amazing source of information for anyone researching the definitive relationship that nutrition bears upon our health,” states Ty Bollinger, author of Cancer – Step Outside the Box. The link between alkalinity and cellular oxygen was clearly defined and the frequent question, ‘What should I do and what should I stop doing?’ was clearly addressed. [It’s] well organized and contains truth, despite the fact that it contains information that is not widely known and could be considered ‘outside the box’. Having written a book on cancer treatments myself, I was impressed with Mr. Wright’s thoroughness and clarity. I honestly believe that whether or not you have cancer, this book is a must-have!” 

Wright is also the founder and director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute, an organization that educates people worldwide regarding the real truth about cancer and overall good health. 

For more information, a free copy of Chapter 6 or to try a free sample of anti-oxidant, alkaline Kangen Water, call Patrick Dumadag at 201-913-0397 or visit See ad on page 11.