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Thermography is Not Just for Women

Healthy Body Thermography

A thermographic evaluation detects inflammation, providing information about all sorts of disease and dysfunction, including heart and lung disease, digestive issues, back pain and arthritis. It is referred to as a risk-assessment screening because it allows people to be forewarned that they may be at a higher risk for a particular disease or dysfunction. This enables people to practice prevention before disease becomes advanced. 

This is possible because thermography detects physiological changes (e.g., blood flow and inflammation) when they are still at a cellular level. Consider the fact that long before there was a tumor, there were cancer cells starting to grow. Two cells, four cells, 16, 144, etc. Get to 1 billion cells, in about eight to 10 years, and cancer has already eroded into the lymphatic and venous systems, shedding cancer cells all through the body. 

In addition to being able to let people know what is going on inside their body long before this process is underway, this ultra-sensitive, digital infrared thermal imaging technology is a totally non-invasive, non-radiation, painless procedure.

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