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5 Quick Tips for Training for Golf from Personal Trainer Kyle Anderson

1. Warming up means more than just swinging a club.

A five- to 10-minute, full body, dynamic warm up will increase your range of motion and reduce aches and pains as you play. Bonus tip: Buy a light resistance band and keep it in your golf bag at all times.

2. Want more distance? Get stronger!

The majority of your golf training program should be multi-joint, strength-building exercises like squats, deadlifts, rows and presses.

3. Be explosive, if you can.

Golf is a power sport, so include exercises for power development in your routine. A go-to for golfers: medicine ball slams and throws.

4. Include rotation training, but don’t overdo it.

Including rotational movements in your routine is critical, but a little goes a long way. Two rotational exercises per workout are more than enough.

5. Post-play care is everything.

After you play a round, take your club and rotate it in the opposite direction of your swing for a few sets of 10 to 15. You just took a bunch of swings in one direction... time to even out your body a bit! Afterwards be sure to stretch and/or use a foam roller to reduce aches and pains the next day.