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Staff Profile: Kyle Anderson, Personal Trainer, William G. Rohrer Center for HealthFitness

How would you summarize what you do?

As a fitness specialist/personal trainer, my primary responsibility is to guide and educate my clients on how to improve their health, fitness and performance level. This involves in-person workouts, working one-on-one, prescribing exercise “homework” and also monitoring client nutrition.

What are the primary benefits to your clients?

In the short term, my clients benefit from achieving the goals they set for themselves, whatever they may be. For some that means losing weight, for others it means getting stronger. Everybody’s definition of success is different and it’s my job to help guide them towards the result they are looking for.

What inspired you to enter this field?

I entered this field to satisfy my curiosity about the potential of the human body. I was a very active child and I had a decent athletic ability, but I never excelled because I wasn’t very strong. Eventually, I became insatiably curious about the human body and how I could manipulate it to perform at the level I wanted. I decided to pursue this in college and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. Then the more I learned, the more I neededto learn, and it became an endless cycle of learning and adjusting that I’m still pursuing today.

How long have you been in practice and what areas of specialty interest you?

I have been practicing for about five years now. I enjoy working with all different types of people but my specialty is working with endurance athletes like marathon runners, triathletes and others. I have an endurance sports background myself and I enjoy how many factors go into developing a program for an endurance athlete. It’s much more complex of a puzzle than a weight loss or strength program and it is hugely misunderstood how to train for these events, especially the strength training component.

The William G. Rohrer Center for HealthFitness is located at 2309 Evesham Rd. in Voorhees. For more information call 856-325-5300, or stop by the member desk.