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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Letter From the Publisher

As spring brings new birth and vibrant beauty, it makes me think of feminine energy.  So timely, our Women’s issue arrives with spring in the air and "Her Soul in Bloom: Self-Care for All Stages of Life", Marlaina Donato's blissful feature on the importance of me-time.

Spring also has a way of lifting my spirits as I am no stranger to the winter blues. Waking to singing birds and smelling air infused with fresh aroma is an undeniable mood enhancer.  And I think we are all tuned into the returning call of nature. It’s time to tune the bikes up, clean the kayaks and plant some flowers and trees in the garden. 

This year, I’ll plant with more mindfulness knowing that there is an entire plant community speaking to each other just beyond my frequency. April Thompson's "Plants Talk: Discover Their Secret Language" is a fascinating look at how they communicate to defend themselves and assist their neighbors in the most extraordinary ways. There is just so much wonder in this world that we are clueless to.  It provides a good reason to honor everyone and everything.

Happy Mother’s Day.