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Newest Technology for Early Disease Detection

Mar 30, 2019 12:53PM ● By James Occhiogrosso

It’s well known that early detection of disease saves lives. For years, women especially, have longed for a safe, painless method to overcome their fears about developing breast disease. Mammograms are commonly used, but thermograms have the potential to detect dysfunction before it becomes critical. 

Healthy Body Thermography, a local business owned by sisters Dale Thomas and Leslie Bowden, offers just such early stage detection of breast disease and other full-body dysfunction. Both are certifiedclinical thermographers and use the newest, state-of-the-art thermography equipment.

Mammography vs. Thermography

Mammography is a tool that uses X-rays to produce an anatomical image. Therefore, it can only detect mass. It also delivers a significant amount of radiation. Cancer grows by cell division, usually eight to 10 years before it is large enough to be detected by mammography. By then, it has undergone multiple cell divisions, may have spread to other areas, and could contain about a billion cells.

Thermography uses an infrared camera to detect heat patterns produced at or near the surface of the skin, at the cellular level,before a mass forms. Instead of bombarding the body with radiation, it uses the infrared heat produced by the body to pinpoint areas of inflammation and possible dysfunction. 

While both systems produce detailed images, they are two different tests, and clearly, only one provides early detection—thermography. Mammography cannot detect what it cannot see, and so its best use is when a mass, such as a tumor, is already present. 

The Advantage of Thermography

In the landmark breast thermography study led by Michel Gautherie, Phd., extensive clinical trials showed that breast thermography significantly increased long-term survival rates of its recipients by as much as 61 percent.

When a disease process begins, it usually results in inflammation at or near the affected area. For example: before a cancerous tumor develops, it demands an enhanced blood supply—a process called angiogenesis. This process of increased circulation and inflammation displays as heat in the body. It is this heat that thermography measures and tracks over time, providing the ability to visualize the “hot-spot”in the surrounding tissue.It is important to note, however, that while only a biopsy can diagnose cancer, thermography does have the power to indicate the presence of an abnormality anywhere in the body.

Therefore, it’s easy to see why thermography can benefit everyone, with full body scans’ ability to reveal lung and heart disease, neck and back pain, and all sorts of abnormalities. Its non-invasive, non-radiating nature also allows for safe, repeated images, which can be compared over time.

Not All Thermography isCreated Equal

Healthy Body Thermography’s equipment represents the latest advances in medical thermography.  This powerful technology produces ultra-sensitive, digital infrared thermal images that are greatly improved from past iterations in the evolution of thermography. 

Says Thomas, “Our advanced, high-sensitivity cameras are continually upgraded and calibrated. Our new camera,built to medical specifications,actually self-calibrates from image-to-image for maximum accuracy. It is internationally recognized as a pioneering industry innovation.”

Scan results, assessed by a licensed board of doctors certified in thermography (thermologists), are double-checked for accuracy. This method of checks and balances to review clients’ results ensures a high standard of precision, as opposed to a single-doctor review.  

Fear of Scanning

Oftentimes, women don’t know what to expect when getting a scan because of uncomfortable experiences with mammography. Since a thermogram involves no physical contact or compression, it is both painless and safe. In addition, it takes less than 20 minutes and requires minimal client preparation. 

As female technicians, Bowden and Thomas also bring a special quality demonstrated by their sensitivity to customers’needs. According to Thomas, “We often get hugged by clients relieved by the simplicity of the procedure and our professionalism.”Bowden adds, “They come to us with anxiety and leave feeling empowered because they have taken a proactive step towards early detection. They also know that we care and their concerns were heard.”


The time has long passed for people to learn about, understand, and intelligently evaluate their health options. It is time to embrace today’spowerful, proactive approach of thermography for the detection of early disease, instead of accepting the brute force of yesterday as the only game in town. 

Healthy Body Thermography opens the door to a new age of advanced, digital infrared thermal imaging for early detection of disease.

For more information or to set up an appointment, call 888-617-7262, email [email protected] or visit  

James Occhiogrosso is an author, natural health practitioner and herbalist. He specializes in salivary hormone testing and balancing for men and women and does phone consultations. Call him at 239-652-0421, email [email protected] visit

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