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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

New Concept Boutique Mystic Ginger Now Open

Mystic Ginger, located at 102 South Black Horse Pike in Blackwood, features an organic hair studio with an herbal apothecary created by an in-house certified community herbalist. It is also home to dozens of local artists’ wares, including jewelry, pottery and holistic beauty products. All of the apothecary products are handmade utilizing traditional folk herbalism methods; contain botanicals that are organic, homegrown and wild harvested; and are handcrafted with sustainable ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

As a Davines concept salon, Mystic Ginger’s primary focus is to provide hair services utilizing a product line that is plant based and 98 percent biodegradable to encourage people to take care of themselves as well as the environment. Mystic Ginger is also a partner of Green Circle Salons, which repurposes and recovers up to 95 percent of the resources that were once considered waste.

Owner Kellie D’Ascenzo says, “We don’t just work on the external image of our clientele. We support them and help them navigate through the ebb and flow of being human. Through enhancing the beauty of the exterior, we illuminate the natural internal light inside. Success to us is to be able to hold space for people in a way that the beauty industry hasn’t seen yet.” In summarizing, sustainable beauty is the essence of Mystic Ginger—as well as the awareness of theinseparable unity between exterior and interior beauty.

For more information, call 856-563-6634 or email [email protected].

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