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Go With Your Gut Microbiome

Mar 06, 2019 12:13AM ● By Carol Jarzyna

Most of us cringe at the thought of taking an academic test, and even more of us avoid taking medical tests. But Donna Gabler, of Go With Your Gut Testing, can't emphasize enough the importance of doing just that. She stresses, “When your body is trying to send you a message, you need to listen.” And illnesses like IBS, obesity and eczema can be the first indication that you've developed leaky gut, a condition indicating that your gut has become porous, allowing food particles to seek out into the bloodstream. Taking the Alcat (Antigen Leukocyte Cellular Antibody Test) Food Sensitivity Test can be the fastest, simplest way to determine the root cause of these symptoms. 

In our everyday life, we are exposed to stress, toxins, medicines and other elements and factors that can disrupt our gut microbiome, an ecosystem of bacteria in our bodies. Ultimately, this disruption causes the gut walls to become porous, a condition known as leaky gut. Our immune systems react to try to protect us, but over-activation of the immune system can lead to inflammation, which then manifests as various illnesses.

In the past seven years, scientists have discovered just how important the gut microbiome is in keeping our bodies in check. It's referred to as the second brain. Once the gut is out of balance, steps need to be taken to put it back in balance. The ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test is one method of determining which foods or antigens are causing the inflammation that leads to chronic illness. It measures the white blood cell (WBC) response after exposure to certain foods. If the WBC response is elevated, that indicates that a particular food is causing inflammation. Simply, when you remove the reactive foods your immune system retreats and inflammation subsides. Typically, those tested are relieved to finally know what was causing the problem, even though many of the reactive foods are healthy foods.

It's important to note that this is not an allergy test. Allergies cause an immediate reaction, like the development of hives, or in worst-case scenarios, anaphylactic shock. Sensitivities can take longer to appear, sometimes as long as 72 hours, making it particularly difficult to make the connection.

In identifying a sensitivity to certain foods, the test allows the practitioner to help her clients put together a menu which incorporates the new limitations for a period of one to six months. “It takes some substantial effort to implement the plan. And the client has made an investment of time and money, but I'm confident this test can be the first step to healing,” says Gabler. While the test has been tweaked and perfected over more than 30 years, many clinical studies support the effectiveness of this test. In fact, in March of 2018, Yale Medical School published a clinical study supporting its effectiveness. [i]

It's no surprise that Gabler practices what she preaches in her own home. “My diet is specific to me. Most people can eat tuna and turkey, but I can't; at least not for the next month. However, I do encourage all clients to avoid wheat because of the GMO qualities that come with it.”

Gabler reports the bulk of her clientele exhibit IBS symptoms, skin disorders or weight gain. Most people have two or three illnesses. “The most common sensitivities are sugar, dairy and gluten. When someone says she has an autoimmune disease, I expect to see all three.” says Gabler. What really motivates Gabler is when clients call to report the many improvements they are seeing after removing their reactive foods.

Leaky gut develops from disruptions in the gut microbiome. Once we’ve healed, it's important to eat organic when possible, avoid antibiotics, limit stress and eliminate household products that contain toxins, in order to safeguard gut health.

Go With Your Gut Testing is located in Marlton. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 609-202-8188 or visit

Carol Jarzyna is a freelance writer based in Chicago



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