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A Father’s Legacy—an Incredible Technology

Digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) is an incredible technology whose time has come. Healthy Body Thermography (HBT), owned and operated by sisters in Marlton and Franklinville, provides this state-of-the-art health screening service. 

More than 20 years ago, believing knowledge is power, their father introduced his “girls” to DITI to monitor their breast health. They learned its importance for early detection and prevention of disease and began receiving annual thermograms. Their dad passed and they continued his legacy, as Healthy Body Thermography was born.

DITI is safe and effective for women of all ages, and especially advantageous for younger women, who can and should begin screening much earlier than the suggested age for mammogram testing. For women with denser breast tissue, larger breasts, implants, and who have undergone mastectomies or breast reductions, it also provides an easy painless way to receive valuable breast health information.

HBT clinics take pictures of full body, upper body, lower body or any region of interest. Thermography is painless; it involves no radiation or compression. In fact, it’s the only technology that visualizes inflammation and helps locate the source of disease, dysfunction or pain.                          

Since it offers the chance for early detection of disease, it makes an earlier diagnosis possible, and better treatment options, as well as opportunities for patients and healthcare practitioners to intervene at an early stage with preventive treatment.

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