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Healthful Solutions For You Introduces the Chi Machine

Chi Machine therapy takes place in the lying down, relaxed position, with all loads and stress reduced on the spine and other body areas during maximum oxygenation and subsequent energy production. The sense of well-being arising from the massage is immediate and noticeable.

Seventy-five million cells provide the body with energy to carry out every brain function, body movement, and the needs of all body systems and organ functions. Each cell has only two ways to produce this energy: nutriment from food and oxygen.

Oxygen “starvation” of cells can result in numerous health conditions, including immune system dysfunction, heart problems, sleep and respiratory disorders, blood chemistry disturbance, intestinal problems, anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue, stiff neck and shortness of breath. 

A glance at the animal kingdom and at sea creatures shows how they use “snake-like” movements in how they walk, run or swim, providing benefits that keep them free of almost every human ailment. The Chi Machine will deliver the best possible lateral “goldfish-like” movement to the spine with the body in the ideal therapeutic position.

Major benefits of the Chi Machine include massage stimulation to the sympathetic nervous system that opens the bronchioles to provide maximum oxygen access to the lungs; spinal balancing; improving the immune system; stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system; restoration of balance to the autonomic nervous system and exercising internal organs.  

The massager will aid in unblocking the “chi” pathways and ensure a maximum flow of healing source through all the body organs to restore normal or improved functioning of impaired organs and systems related to such organs.

Location: 45 S. Main St., Medford. For more information, call 856-275-1047, email [email protected]or visit 

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