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Addressing the Root Cause of Symptoms to Heal Fully

Jan 31, 2019 09:59PM ● By Giulia Eve Flores

Michele and Robert Marcinko, co-owners of Halo Wellness Center, are advocates of getting to the root cause of any dis-ease—be it physical, mental, or emotional. 

“It’s one thing to tell someone to eat more veggies,” Michele explains. “It’s a whole other thing to really look into the ‘why’ of certain habits and behaviors. At Halo, we don’t try to cover up people’s health issues—we try to get to the real reason of their symptoms, which allows people to fully heal. In order to facilitate that kind of healing, it’s all about the relationship and the trust that we build. We truly treat every client like family.” 

She further notes that the ability to not judge anyone and to meet someone where they are is highly conducive to healing.

They opened the Halo Wellness Center almost five years ago in Marlton. Since then, it has welcomed many people into their holistic healing facility. When asked what conditions and ailments she sees the most of, Michele shares that she meets many people with autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions, and cancer. She says, “You have to ask yourself: what is going on in the world that people in their 30s are getting cancer? In the beginning, I was all about nutrition, but as I’ve gone along this path, I’ve come to realize that sometimes it is really the underlying stress, emotional and spiritual pain that manifest themselves as physical symptoms. Halo provides a safe space to facilitate healing on many different levels.”

Finding the location for Halo was a remarkably synchronistic experience according to its founders. Michele shares that she would drive by the closed, dilapidated building every day on her way to her corporate job. One day, while waiting at the nearby stoplight, she took a photo of it with her phone. When she came home, she declared to Robert that they would open their wellness center there. Two years later, they found themselves seriously looking at the building. 

Michele says: “As soon as I walked in, I felt: ‘This is it.’ I found out later that it’s a historic building and that it was a church in the 1900s, which is why the energy is so amazing. Against all odds we were able to secure the building. As we entered the process, I had to have an enormous amount of faith and trust. I quit my corporate job of 15 years and never looked back. This was the first lesson in manifesting dreams and finding my true purpose in life.”

The team that currently works at Halo attest that it’s a joy to come to work; that it’s like working with harmonious family every day. “I am very careful with who I bring to Halo to serve our clients,” Michele expresses. “Integrity, your purpose and goodwill towards people, is of the utmost importance. I am grateful to say that I am surrounded by amazing, strong people from whom I am constantly learning.”

Halo Wellness Center offers a variety of services, including therapeutic massage, holistic facials, energy healing, infrared sauna, a Himalayan salt room, light grid activation, kinesiology, yoga, health coaching, cleanse programs, spiritual guidance and many different workshops.

Michele hopes that people feel inspired to live the life they were meant to live when they leave Halo. In general, she urges people to find somewhere where they can experience healing and can be their truest selves. “I really don’t look at other places as competition. I look at it as a good thing: people are waking up, there’s so much more awareness. It doesn’t matter where people are drawn to experience healing, as long as they’re able to experience it.”

The Halo Wellness Center is located at 968 Rte. 73 S. at the intersection of Kresson Rd., Marlton. For more information, to make an appointment or to inquire about classes, call 856-574-4433, email [email protected]or visit