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New Classes at The Center, Life in Balance

The Center, Life in Balance is offering three new movement classes: Soul Full Yoga, with Pam Kofsky; Easy Stretch, with Ferida Wolff; and Wild Soul Movement Series for Women (WSM), with Christine Juckett. “We allow our classes and workshops to morph as we see a need in the community,” comments Co-Owner Susan Drummond. “We learned of people needing gentler, meditative, easier movement options, and with a desire to go deeper into their healing. And as always, Spirit had the answer and sent us Pam, Ferida and Christine.”

Soul Full Yoga runs on Sundays, from 3 to 4:15 p.m., and costs $15. In addition to yoga postures, breathing and mindfulness practices, Kofsky sprinkles in angel cards, aromatherapy, sound healing and reiki. “Yoga is not about the doing, the achieving or the mastery,” explains Kofsky. “Yoga is about the receptivity, the allowing and the remembering that we are all divine expressions of love and light at our very essence.”

Having taught yoga and Easy Stretch for years, Wolff brings her Easy Stretch class to The Center on Tuesdays, from 1 to 2 p.m., for $10 a class. “The secret to keeping mobile is to keep moving,” states Wolff. “Stretching helps muscles and joints stay flexible and improves range of motion.” The stretches are gentle but engage the whole body. Meditative breathing will be a focus as well.

The Wild Soul Movement (WSM) Series for Women will begin in March, monthly, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., for $20. “WSM is a women’s movement and a feminine movement practice designed to melt away everything that’s ever made you feel wrong, ashamed, less than, or unsafe in your sacred body,” Juckett explains. A self-love movement class, WSM incorporates yoga poses, meditation, mantras, discussion, oracle cards, crystals and kinship.

“We are pleased to offer Soul Full Yoga, Easy Stretch and WSM, along with our Qigong/Tai Chi classes, with Sifu Louis DiLoreto, and Belly Dancing, with Kate Conlow,” comments Co-Owner Maryann Miller. “The classes are all different, but they have the same purpose that aligns with our mission statement—offering classes and workshops to balance body, mind and spirit. And all ages with various levels of physical ability can enjoy them.”

Location: 45 S. Main St., Medford. For more information, or to share your ideas for a class, workshop or movement activity you would like to attend, call 609-975-8379 or email [email protected]

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