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Naturopathic Doctor Recommends Kangen™ Water

Dr. Dave Carpenter, N.D., the author of Change Your Water, Change Your Life, is one of the early pioneers of using Kangen™ Water in his practice, which he started over 15 years ago after seeing dramatic results in Japanese hospitals. 

“Based on years of research and observation, we have concluded that over acidification of the body is the underlying cause of all disease. Because many people consume a diet primarily comprised of acid forming foods like sugars, meat, dairy, yeast breads, coffee, alcohol and starches rather than whole plant foods, they are frequently sick and tired.” 

According to Carpenter, the [alkalizing] program contains a whole new way of looking at diet and nutrition. When followed, it leads to a healthy, lean, trim body and an enhanced level of wellness, energy and mental clarity that most people have not experienced previously.

“In my experience, Kangen™ Water supercharges your nutritional program better than anything. Water is the key and this is the best water I know of. Anyone who gives it an honest try will experience it in their own health without question!”

For a free copy of the book or to try a free sample of anti-oxidant, alkaline Kangen™ Water, call 201-913-0397 or visit

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