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Infinity Float: Accelerating Natural Healing and Giving Back to the Community

Oct 01, 2018 05:45PM ● By Michelle Probola

In 2018, more people are beginning to seek out holistic practices (as opposed to allopathic medicine) to help heal their bodies from various ailments. At Infinity Float in Mt. Laurel, clients embrace this approach to wellness. Float therapy encourages physical and mental relaxation which helps accelerate the body’s natural recovery and healing processes. 

During a typical session, guests spend 60 to 90 minutes floating effortlessly in warm, tranquil water filled with Epsom Salt. They are able to unwind without the pressure of gravity, making it easier to release physical tension and mental stress.

“We believe that flotation therapy is a very unique and personal practice,” notes owner Dawn Goldbacher, an active member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. “Our goal is to make every guest experience exceptional. We start with a full tour of our facility and introduce our Reflection Lounge, which has a peaceful, serene vibe,” notes Goldbacher. “It’s the perfect place to relax after any service.”

Infinity Float offers the option of floating in an open pool or a modern pod. They encourage guests to discover how and why they personally benefit from floating as the experience is different for everyone. One 60-minute session may help to reduce chronic pain, stress, pregnancy aches and pains, headaches and fatigue. It may also improve relaxation, sleep quality, mental alertness, immune function, creativity and blood pressure. 

Several years ago, Dr. Justin Feinstein of the Laureate Institute for Brain Research began to examine the connection between floating and several health conditions. For example, his most recently published study focused on patients with depression and anxiety. It was found that floating suppressed anxiety responses by reflexively shifting the nervous system into a physiologically quiescent state, leading to an acute reduction in anxiety levels of participants. 

Each float tank contains approximately 1,000 pounds of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom Salt (aka magnesium sulfate), which has been shown to help reduce inflammation and muscle soreness. The solution is so salty, it mimics the Dead Sea, creating a weightless environment that helps relieve pressure on the joints, and allows the spine to decompress. In addition, the opportunity to “unplug” for an hour or two from the chaos of daily life is great for mental clarity and mindfulness. 

“Consistency is key,” adds Goldbacher when asked how often clients should float. “Whether you choose to float once a week or once a month, the benefits are cumulative.” New guests are encouraged to start by floating every other week. Those with chronic pain often benefit from more frequent sessions at first, and then taper down after a while. While floating is their primary therapy, Infinity Float also offers other wellness services, including a full-spectrum infrared sauna, which is popular with those looking to detox or boost circulation. In early August, they added two additional treatment rooms, enabling them to partner with select practitioners who offer reiki, ionic foot detox, massage and Rolfing. According to Goldbacher, “We were very strategic in choosing what additional services to bring to our clients.”

  Infinity Float is the only facility in New Jersey to offer the Pathways RestStation lounger—a vibrational platform constructed with memory foam and an integrated audio system that promotes deep relaxation. Precisely choreographed music is synchronized with low-frequency tones and binaural beats to enable users to more readily achieve a deep state of calm. It helps to trigger the body’s natural relaxation response, which may reduce symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and stress. By working with the nonprofit Pathways for Veterans, Infinity Float is often able to donate RestStation sessions to veterans and provide this therapy at a minimal cost to active service members. 

Infinity Float  carries a limited selection of retail products. The brands they offer were chosen because of their quality and reputation in the industry. They include hemp-derived CBD products, which have been popular with guests living with conditions such as chronic pain and anxiety. All staff members have completed an independent training program to ensure they are knowledgeable about the uses and potential benefits of CBD. This enables the team to help educate clients, so they can make informed decisions about what they put in or on their bodies. 

Designed to inspire relaxation, Infinity Float has become a source of respite and relief for many since opening nearly a year ago. The spa was designated a Floataway Centre of Excellence in 2017 and was recently selected as a 2018 recipient of the Small Business Success Award by the New Jersey Small Business Development Center at Rutgers-Camden.  

Goldbacher enjoys collaborating with others who share her passion for pursuing wellness naturally and often partners with other local wellness experts to host workshops about varying topics of interest. As part of their commitment to “Float if Forward”, Infinity Float often supports local charity events and donates sessions to those in need. The spa also serves as a donation drop-off location for The Unforgotten Haven, a South Jersey non-profit organization whose mission is to help the less fortunate. 

Location: 431 Larchmont Blvd., Mt. Laurel, NJ. For more information, call 856-371-2389or visit 

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