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Successful Pregnancy Outcomes

According to Dr. Jewel Amui-Bellon from the Women for Women Medical Associates, in Marlton, women trek from all over the United States for fertility management because, just like making babies with your loved ones in a private and intimate setting, couples or anyone seeking help for future fertility services require consistent personal and intimate interactions with their loved ones. These personal interactions could mean having vaginal sexual encounters every two to three days.

For successful pregnancy outcomes, three basic questions must be answered. Does the woman have an adequate ovarian reserve? Does the male have adequate sperm to impregnate the woman? And, thirdly, can the environment that houses the baby and supports the pregnancy sustain it for nine months? "Once these three basic questions are answered and addressed, good pregnancy outcomes can be achieved with God’s help,” says, Amui-Bellon

Amui-Bellon's professional medical career has been a blessed and fulfilling journey, along with achieving a very impressive pregnancy success rate. She has been able to assist thousands of women, within all age groups, with various fertility challenges and issues. 

Location: 102 Centre Blvd., Marlton, NJ. For more information, call 856-267-5019 or visit

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