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Yoga is for Everyone

Yoga is for Everyone

September is our yoga issue and despite feeling like a broken record each go around, I am compelled to reinforce my enthusiasm for the practice and the multitude of benefits.

Yoga may not be for everyone, but there is a yoga style to suit the needs of anyone that is seeking to add the practice into their life. The common misconception about yoga is that one needs to be freakishly flexible to do crazy, pretzel-like poses. What is missing in this idea is that yoga at its core really isn’t about the physical postures. It’s about connecting the human experience to divine consciousness through physical postures along with meditation and breath work. The ultimate goal is bringing holistic wellness to the practitioner, connecting mind, body and spirit. And this can be achieved regardless of a person’s physical ability, size, shape and other factors.

Among the breadth of yoga information we bring you this month is a reference guide of classic and emerging styles of the practice. It can be confusing for newcomers, so we break it down to offer a reference guide of sorts.

There truly is something for everyone whether you’re looking for an intense workout, seeking more flexibility in your joints, wanting to calm anxiety or searching for a more spiritual and centered existence. Whatever the reason, I encourage taking action and finding a class or studio that fits. You may find that what initially drew you to the practice may not be what keeps you yearning for more…


Michelle Vacanti


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