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Heart IntelligenceI

t is said that there are more signals sent from the heart to the brain than from the brain to the heart.In fact, according to neurocardiology research, around 90 percent of the signals between the two organs travel this way. Like any other form of intelligence, heart intelligence can be learned and expanded with proper learning. 

Julia Gandy, a board-certified Massage Therapist at Embodying Wellness, believes that the heart sets the pace for the entire body since so many of the body’s systems are linked to the heart. Therefore, if you increase your heart’s intelligence, you are helping the entire body function better. 

Outcomes can include the increased ability to maintain composure during challenges, improving family harmony, reducing fatigue and exhaustion, improving coordination and reaction times, thinking clearly and promoting the body’s natural regenerative processes. Learning to increase heart intelligence can be taught to anyone of any age by teaching user-friendly, easy-to-apply in-the-moment techniques. Check out the free introductory class at the end of the month, listed in the back of this edition.

Resource: Julia Gandy, Embodying Wellness. For more information, visit 

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