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Terra Pest Solutions Protects From Pests Year Round

Protect your home from pests year round with Terra Pest Solutions’ environmentally responsible home protection plan. The package includes coverage for a variety of insects, arachnids and rodents, as well as a quarterly service of the interior and exterior of your home. 

During the warm summer months, ants can be a big problem in our homes. Although there are many different household remedies available, these products typically provide only temporary relief. The Odorous house ant, for example, is a species of small ants know as sugar ants. They are attracted to sources of water and sweets, and are one of the most common type of ant invader. A colony can consist of multiple queens and over 100,000 workers. 

Considering the many different species of invasive ants in our region, you will need a trained expert to rid your home and garden for ants for good. 

Cost: Varies. For more information, call 856-625-9357 or visit

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