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The Meaning of the Seven Chakras

Originating in the ancient traditions of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism, chakras (the Sanskrit word for wheel or circle) represent focal areas in the body that support emotional, physical and spiritual energy centers. According to the Indian tradition, there are seven major chakra centers, located along the spine from the base to the head. As each of us is an integral part of the universe with which we should strive to peacefully coexist, our chakra energy centers also correlate with the energies inherent in light, elements, sound and colors. Therefore, using rocks, crystals or gemstones, smells, colors and sounds specific to each chakra can enhance our natural energies, leading us to better health and inner peace. The seven major chakras and some of their enhancers are:

Root: Color:  Red; Crystal: Ruby; Aromatherapy: Cedarwood

Sacral: Color: Orange; Crystal: Amber; Aromatherapy: Sage

Solar Plexus: Color: Yellow; Crystal: Citrine; Aromatherapy: Basil  

Heart: Color: Green; Crystal: Green Jade; Aromatherapy: Rose

Throat: Color: Blue; Crystal: Lapis Lazuli; Aromatherapy: Camomile

Third Eye or Brow: Color: Indigo; Crystal: Sodalite; Aromatherapy: Hyacinth

Crown: Color: Violet; Crystal: Amethyst; Aromatherapy: Frankincense

SunGlow Chakras is dedicated to helping you achieve your personal level of self-fulfillment, relaxation and inner peace. Our very unique line of jewelry includes aromatherapy, chakra/yoga jewelry, many featuring gemstones, crystals and other energy-enhancing elements. Choose your favorites from the Chakra Treasures section of our website at

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