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Food Sensitivity Testing Available for General Public

May 31, 2018 11:49PM

The Alcat Food Sensitivity test can be taken at your home or office, with the results emailed in as little as eight days. Donna Gabler, owner of Go With Your Gut Testing, starts the process by providing a free consultation to determine which test panel best fits your lifestyle and arranging the phlebotomist visit. 

An April 2018 study by the Yale School of Medicine reports on the efficacy of this test for determine which foods are causing inflammation in the body by measuring white blood cell reaction to up to 237 foods plus preservatives and additives. 

Testers will receive a list of all the foods that are causing inflammation and over-activation of the immune system from severe, moderate and mild, to no reaction at all. Reactive foods are then removed, allowing the immune system to rejuvenate naturally. Included with the package is a 30-minute consult with an Alacat dietitian to assist in removing said reactive foods.

Past clients have seen improvements in obesity, Chron’s disease, ADHD, diabetes, chronic fatigue, infertility, migraines and more in as little as two weeks. 

For more information, call 609-202-8188 or visit 

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