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SunGlow Chakras Specializes in Healing Stones

SunGlow Chakras specializes in crystals, semi-precious stones and chakra crystals, all of which may stimulate, relax and fortify energy centers while enhancing overall health and well-being.

In Western cultures, stones considered to be precious include rubies, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. All other stones, such as high-quality Tsavorite, are considered semi-precious, and are sometimes worth more on the market than a lower quality sapphire. Semi-precious stones that are used in jewelry are called gems, and are studied, classified, cut, shined and mounted by gemologists. A gem is classified by such physical and chemical properties including the arrangement of its elements, degree of hardness, refractive index, luster and other physical factors. Some gems, due to their crystalline structure, are referred to as crystals. 

Throughout history, many civilizations have believed that gemstones and crystals vibrate in resonant energies that help those in their quest for health and healing. It is thought that these gemstones and crystals facilitate the free flow of energy through the body, thereby ensuring overall health and well-being. 

Originating in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jainism cultures, chakras are believed to be crucial centers of energy in our bodies. Physical, emotional and spiritual health are believed to be achieved by the proper flow of energy through these centers. It is believed that the seven major chakras (crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras) can all be enhanced, stimulated and stabilized by the use of various crystals and gemstones, all of which correspond to the energies of the seven major and 21 minor chakra centers. 

SunGlow’s aromatherapy jewelry designs are often combined with these semi-precious stones, adding to the stimulation of brain pleasure and serenity centers induced by smells. Whether their designs represent one’s quest for healing or just like the look and fashion of the piece, there is something for everyone. 

Location: 713 Haddon Ave., Collingswood, NJ. For more information, visit 

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