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Collective Connection Meditation: Connect Into the Line of Light from Which All Creation Stems

Jan 31, 2018 09:22PM

The Collective Connection Meditation was given to Kiel Gerhard, Reiki Master and creator of Back To Nature Oils, while he was in deep meditation himself. Spirit guided him through specific visualizations, and from that, the Collective Connection Meditation was born.

“I recognized the generation of light, and how to facilitate that,” he shares. “This meditation is designed specifically for each person’s divine healing. It varies slightly every time, as it is intuitively tailored to the group or the individual I am guiding, but it always keeps its focus on breath, the movement through the different energy centers, and connecting into the line of light from which all creation stems. And it is this light that then generates around everyone, as we collectively connect.”

He attests that, when practiced regularly, Collective Connection Meditation increases your contact to the internal knowing of your true self. Through practice, there’s an opportunity to discover who and what you are by unravelling old habitual thought processes and releasing stagnant energies that aren’t serving one’s Highest Self. “There is an innate wisdom that comes from feeling and experiencing the Spirit move through you,” he says. “It cannot be put into words. But Truth reveals itself in time.”

This form of meditation is for everyone, Gerhard states, “for life, as we know it.” And he invites everyone to connect into this frequency, to come experience it, and to learn from it. “I have noticed that people often walk away with a sense of complete relaxation, a feeling of bliss, and an opening of the mind and the heart, which allows for great growth and new experiences, as well as an enhanced sense of self. Some people have even walked away with a sense of awe, or an out-of-body experience. In any case, it has a particular way of awakening each individual’s consciousness, as they surrender into the experience.”

The Collective Connection Meditation varies in time between 20 to 45 minutes, and for some, it may even last for more than an hour, depending on the person’s meditation stamina. “It’ll be exactly that which is required from whoever is there.”
To experience and for information on availability and costs of the Collective Connection Meditation in a private group or one-on-one setting, email [email protected] or visit To experience the meditation at a yoga studio, sign up for one of his meditation sessions each first Friday evening of the month at Lavender Koi Yoga from 7:30-8:30pm. 220 S. White Horse Pk., Ste. C., Berlin. Visit

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