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Meditation Made Easy or Meditation for Beginners or ...

One of the most life-affirming decisions you can make is to add meditation to your daily routine. 

For those just getting started, meditating can seem like a daunting task. A quiet mind, sitting still… no way! Consider staying open to the idea as you read further.

Intention. Set the intention to have a meditation practice. If you are sincere, this positive energy will draw the same positive energy from Universal Life Force Energy. You will be inspired and have the time to meditate. This is where discipline and commitment come in. You have free will, so when you get the nudge, you can make the decision to meditate or not.


Meditation techniques to consider trying:


  • Conscious connection: A long, slow, deep breath, taken with the thought of connecting to Spirit, and a long slow exhale taken with gratitude is a meditation. Can be done anywhere even when you are stopped at a red light.


  • Counting: Get comfortable; take a couple of deep breaths, consciously relaxing your body. Then count to four as you inhale; hold for two; exhale for six; repeat. Do for one minute. Increase time.


  • Mantra: Get comfortable, take a couple of deep breaths, consciously relaxing your body, repeat a word, like “love,” over and over on the exhale.  Peace, joy, kindness, harmony… use any word that symbolizes what you want in your life, or… 


  • Phrase mantra: On the inhale, think the words, “I am;” on the exhale, think the words, “at peace.”  Keep repeating:  “I am on the inhale; “at peace” on the exhale. If your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath and the words. Continue. Use any phrase that resonates with you at the time.


  • Guided Meditation. There are many CD guided meditations on the market.


Other Hints

  • Length of time does not matter to reap the benefits. Be realistic, even 30 seconds holds magic.
  • Set an alarm on your cell phone.
  • Connect a short meditation to something you are already doing, such as standing and waiting for someone or something.
  • Do a short meditation before falling asleep or getting out of bed.
  • Mix and match… you don’t have to stick with one type. As you connect more with yourself, you will know what you need.
  • Never leave a meditation session upset with yourself for “not doing it right”. You did your best. Take one more slow deep breath with love and gratitude toward yourself.

Source: Maryann Pino Miller, Awareness Coach, Spiritual Teacher, author, Consciously Living,

856-912-2087, [email protected],,, The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S. Main St., Medford, NJ.

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