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Reader Profile: Ralph Pepino, A Lifetime of Health

His name is Ralph Pepino, and he is dubbed by many as the local “Jack LaLanne”.He is a World War II veteran. During his service overseas, he suffered from anxiety and returned in poor health and was extremely thin. Pepino attempted to medicate his way back to health until he met a young man that changed his life. 

“He told me that it wasn’t medicine I needed, but exercise and proper nutrition.” In one short month Pepino was back to his prior robustness and everyone in his life noticed the dramatic improvement.

He then began to immerse himself in a life of health and fitness. He learned about fasting the body, eating raw and organic foods, deep breathing, bathing in ice water and inverting himself on a slant board. He was truly ahead of his time.

Now 91 years old, Pepino claims he never gets sick and has the energy and stamina of a young man. He continues to incorporate all of the fundamentals that have sustained his remarkable longevity. Around 60, he added yoga, meditation and Chinese medicine to his fitness protocol.

These days, you’ll find Pepino at his favorite market, Natural Health, in Clementon, or training clients to meet their health and fitness goals. Pepino owned and operated World Gym, in Glendora, for 15 years. During that time, he claims to have learned strategies that helped him develop a unique philosophy of training. It incorporates five steps: Philosophy, Tranquility, Concentration, Visualization and Workout Tempo. The workout tempo is the secret he believes can produce champions, both male and female.

Pepino has a passion for helping people, “Their health is their wealth,” he says.

For more information or to schedule a training session in the South Jersey area with Ralph Pepino, call 856-939-2103.