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World Silence Day?

Oct 31, 2017 08:29PM ● By Michelle Vacanti

What if the entire planet were to take a moment of silence together?

I’d like to nominate a world day of silence, knowing that if we were to pull it off, the collective energy could transform the nature of our existence. Perhaps it could take the place of say “National Hangover Day”, or maybe “Bubble Bath Day”, or any number of wacky holidays that we have somehow legitimized?

This month, we explore some variations of practicing silence and the corresponding spiritual and neurological benefits of doing so.

~Sacred Silence offers scientific data relating to the effects on brain chemistry as well as how to choose and what to expect from a silent retreat.

~In Silence, Zen Master, Seijaku Roshi offers his perspective on finding silence in the midst of sensory chaos. It is a perspective implying that true silence has nothing to do with external stimuli. Rather, it is a state of being as opposed to the absence of sound.

~”Floating Away Stress  brings the concept of silence to yet another level with complete sensory deprivation. The floating variation of silence induces a deep state of relaxation and can offer relief from stress, anxiety and pain.

This theme got me thinking about the times when silence has given me a glimpse into higher awareness. I always feel a sense of oneness after a morning meditation or a peaceful walk in nature. It is a reset button of sorts.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving this month and contemplate silence here and there…

In Gratitude,

Michelle Vacanti,


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