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Letter From the PublisherF

This month, I want to share a beautiful perspective from the Natural Awakenings Founder in hopes that you will find it as inspiring and uplifting as I did.

Sharon Bruckman lives in Naples, one of the hardest hit areas in Florida. As she prepared to evacuate, she sent her trees and plants love, reminding them that they are strong and will be ok. She then sent a message to the family of publishers and here is an excerpt:

“I have been tuning into Irma as the living energy force she is and acknowledging her for doing her job to try to take care of Mother Earth by cooling the warm ocean waters and cleansing the land we’ve been harming. I’m asking how myself and Natural Awakenings can assist more in waking up humanity to the environmental destruction we continue to do and the intense thought patterns of negativity and polarity occurring around the world. I feel some quiet group meditations in nature this week will assist me in receiving more guidance”. 

I could easily find myself getting caught up in a spiral of negativity regarding the increase in natural disasters and the connection to global warming, but I am choosing to join Sharon in a meditative prayer for our planet and all humanity. I appeal to our South Jersey community to do the same. Mother nature has an arrogant way of showing us that we are powerless in the face of her ability to cleanse and wipe the slate clean. Whatever our planet’s fate, I choose to be grateful for “what is”, and trust in the divine wisdom of the universe.

But I also believe there is a universal shift in awareness taking place, and we have the power and responsibility through the collective conscious efforts to restore our planet’s grace and beauty. It’s all about choice.

Michelle Vacanti


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