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Soul Sanctuary: Empowering Clients to Transcend Suffering

Dr. Kathy Milano has always followed her deep desire to care for others, explore meaning and create art to bring a bit more happiness in the world. Initially she planned to become a teacher; however, a high school psychology class opened her eyes to the potential of human transformation and launched the path she walks today.

For the past 30 years, Kathy (as she prefers to be called) has used her training in developmental clinical psychology, specializing in treating trauma, and advanced training in the field of energy psychology to empower clients to transcend suffering and develop the skills to navigate life skillfully. Across clinical settings, she witnessed people’s lifelong conditioning and painful situations leave them feeling unlovable, deficient, anxious, disappointed and ashamed.

“We can all relate to feeling overwhelmed when we believe there is something wrong with us, that we can’t make our lives work, or that we may not be able to be ‘fixed,’” says Kathy. When people feel that way, she believes, they disconnect from their worth, spirit, heart, talents and strengths.

Milano created a therapeutic model to empower the healing of mind-body-spirit-energy from a position of respect for the client’s wisdom, life skills and unmet potential. She’s passionate about educating people in her integrated model which draws from mind-body techniques, trauma theory, neuroscience, energy psychology, developmental psychology and various spiritual traditions. 

“Listening to someone, I find it easy to witness their beauty, potential, and strength. Their inner wisdom reveals their unique map of healing. I translate this map, help them release old traumas and conditioning, and teach them efficient tools to support their return to well-being.”

Milano’s clinical approach was enhanced as her spiritual journey revealed a greater potential for healing, awakening intuitive skills, and practices to dive deeply into meaningful relation with the Divine. To empower transformation, she created Soul Sanctuary as a nourishing space for healing, workshops, personal expansion, and deep spiritual exploration. Entering Soul Sanctuary allows people to breathe and naturally reconnect with themselves.

“My own spiritual exploration and study of energy psychology has changed my practice, my teaching, and my life. I believe it is essential for transformation and true healing to understand the interrelated function of our energy system, mind, body, emotions and spirituality.”

She teaches workshops and believes everyone can learn these concepts, techniques, practices and put them to work. “I know how to teach this and have witnessed thousands of people heal, grow and transform their self view. This inspires me to continue to learn, practice what I teach in my own life, and gratefully be present to new opportunities to assist others navigate life in a skillful, meaningful and joyful manner.”

For more information, call 856-778-1981 or visit Soul Sanctuary is located at 110 Marter Ave., Ste. 206, Moorestown, NJ.

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