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Letter From the Publisher: Cancer is so prevalent that almost everyone I know has been touched by it in some way.

Jul 31, 2017 11:46PM

Cancer is so prevalent that almost everyone I know has been touched by it in some way.  We are accosted with toxins from air, land and sea.  In whichever direction we turn, (the food we eat and the air we breathe) we are exposed to cancer-causing agents. Even the automatic treatment modalities that traditional oncologists prescribe (Chemotherapy and Radiation) cause cancer.

The feature this month is educational and also thought provoking for some who have stayed abreast of research on lifestyles and therapies that combat the deadly disease. However, there are many questions and answers yet to be uncovered.  

Diet and therapy protocols continue to vary among the most cutting edge alternative health professionals but there is also widespread agreement on a few key elements. In my assessment, two of these elements that feed cancer cells are sugar (especially refined and processed) and foods that cause inflammation.  How ironic that in many traditional oncology offices you’ll find vending machines full of sweets and processed foods.

We give you another great feature this month on a local physician that specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement for both men and women. Again, I believe our environment wreaks havoc on our health including proper hormone balance. I have personally benefited from plant-based hormone therapy and highly recommend it.

Read also the story about a special rescue for unadoptable elderly dogs right here in South Jersey and try not to let it tug on your heartstrings. I have visited the facility and can attest to the tireless commitment of Michele and her many volunteers.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Michelle Vacanti

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