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Little Miss Luke

May 31, 2017 02:37PM ● By Michelle Vacanti

When I was three years old, I won a trophy in a community toddler pageant. This cheap trophy meant so much to me that it has endured and survived 25 moves involving two countries and six states. It is the only material possession I have from childhood. Looking back, I wonder why this scarred piece of metal is so meaningful. I have won other awards over the course of my lifetime, but all of those eventually contributed to landfills. Perhaps it preserved in time and space a certain utopian innocence of childhood.

Last month, I was honored with an award that just may outshine “Little Miss Luke.” Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation brings together the community of approximately ninety publishers for its bi-annual conference, and at this amazing event, I was recognized as “Rookie Publisher of the Year” for outstanding performance in taking over the South Jersey edition.

Shock was my initial reaction because my inner critic never thinks I am deserving, and also because I am in such awe of this family of publishers. These amazing people are dedicated to disseminating a message of consciousness to over 4 million readers nationwide. But my real sentiment is honored beyond belief. I feel privileged simply to be a part of an organization, which through its collective influence manifests the intention of light and love in the world.

As many of you might guess, NAPC is no ordinary corporation. We are greater than our bottom line. To share an example, Sharon Bruckman, our founder and CEO, initiated the conference agendas by leading us all into a heart opening meditation.

She published the first issue of Natural Awakenings in Naples, Florida, in 1994, displaying her own artwork on the cover and has since grown and inspired this “corporate” family to reach for our greatest potential.

The energy of the event reinforced my commitment to the South Jersey community.

My life has been enriched as a direct result of my involvement with Natural Awakenings. I am truly grateful to have personally connected with so many like-minded people, both readers and advertisers, who have supported this publication. And I ask that we continue to support each other in our efforts to make this community and the world a more conscious and awakened place.

In Light and Love,

Michelle Vacanti


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