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Welcome to the "Exponential Age”

Feb 01, 2017 10:26PM ● By Michelle Vacanti

Looking at technological advancements over the past 30 years or so can boggle the mind. I remember being awestruck with my first clunky cell phone circa 1995. The device that could only make calls now takes high resolution pictures, shares them instantly, delivers access to the internet, recognizes my thumbprint and even seems to know me better than my own husband does. These capabilities just scratch the surface of what’s to come. The world as we know it may be unrecognizable with advancements like Artificial Intelligence and autonomous vehicles. Indeed, the only constant in life is change.

Holistic Health and Wellness are no exception. I believe we are at the helm of a grand expansion that will not only revolutionize the way we manage and treat disease, but will also diminish the grip of pharmaceutical power. Collectively, we have learned that health delivered in the form of a capsule isn’t always the answer. In fact, synthetic solutions commonly exacerbate and/or promote more disease. We are clearly asserting our intentions for complementary therapies, and practitioners across the country are responding. Even South Jersey, which has been behind the mark, is now catching up.  Many of these local, cutting edge physicians have chosen Natural Awakenings to deliver their message in the pages that follow.


This month we also give you two fantastic educational pieces on Ozone Therapy and include some local physicians who are offering it here in our community. Ozone Therapy is one of the most promising therapeutic advancements in the alternative medical community.  It promotes healing by infusing an energized form of oxygen into the body through various mechanisms of delivery.  It is purported to kill bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells on contact. Patients and doctors alike have experienced its healing effects on numerous chronic and acute conditions including cancer, infectious diseases, multiple sclerosis, herniated discs, pain and more.

I encourage you all to read more and educate yourself starting with the information we provide in this issue on pp XX and XX.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Michelle Vacanti

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