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Letter From the Publisher

It’s been quite a year socially, politically and environmentally. As we bring the year in chapter to a close and the dust settles from holiday chaos, most of us invariably reflect on the past year and devise our plan of action to better ourselves in the form of resolutions.

It’s funny how our species has difficulty learning from previous mistakes.  According to most statistics, just 5-20 percent of us will achieve our well-intentioned goals. Yet year after year, while our bellies, livers and wallets are recovering from holiday indulgences, we cling to the belief that this year will be different. But let’s face it, changing behavior patterns is extremely difficult. What might be easier is to first change our mindsets.

I like to reduce my guiding life principles down to the lowest common denominator. In terms of spiritual philosophy, “Do Unto Others…” pretty much covers it all for me. As it pertains to effecting change in our lives, I will refer to a favorite quote from Tony Robbins: “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” So if we truly desire change, perhaps there is an easier path that involves deeply connecting with our higher, best selves. When this takes place it becomes impossible to engage in self-sabotaging behaviors because we love and respect ourselves too much. It happens organically.

Shifting our emotional connection in this way is conceptually simple, but granted a tricky process. When I figure out the trick I’ll let you know… LOL.

So, staying true to the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, we bring you health, wellness, and of course, weight-loss themes this month. And when you slip up, feel free to patronize the local breweries that are committed to sustainability featured on pages 20 and 21.

Happy New Year,

Michelle Vacanti, Publisher

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