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Are Invisible Toxins Stealing Your Health and Shortening Your Life?

Nov 03, 2016 10:20AM ● By Janna M. Tighe

For anyone that had pet Goldfish as a child, there are lessons to be learned related to life in a fish bowl. They are resilient creatures that require low maintenance and can survive and thrive in a self-contained ecosystem as long as someone remembers to occasionally feed them and change the water. They, like humans are designed to eat, excrete and expire, and are susceptible to the detrimental effects of environmental toxins much like us. Sooner or later someone forgets to change the water and “Goldie” is eventually found floating on its side devoid of life. 

What, you may ask, does cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, thyroid dysfunction, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s, along with insulin, leptin and weight-loss resistance have in common with dead goldfish? Everything.

Dr. James M. Tighe, director of Hilltop Healing, in Sewell, New Jersey, recently left retirement after a personal journey to restore his own health that encompassed 15 states during five years in search of a whole-body detoxification program that worked. He found it in a program appropriately named True Cellular Detox that delivered what it promised. In fact, he became his first client.  

“I've personally struggled with pain, inflammation, fatigue, brain fog, poor memory, weight-loss resistance and other symptoms that puzzled every specialist I consulted during the first decade of this century. Every blood and urine test (including thyroid) were normal. I was beginning to think it was all in my head or genetics,” says Tighe.
Then, as fate would have it, in July 2011, he received a book in the mail from Scott Silver, DMD, a Biological Dentist from Haddon Township, New Jersey. entitled, The Poison in Your Teeth, by Tom McGuire, DDS. Upon reading it, Tighe realized that he was suffering from the effects of mercury poisoning from nearly four decades of daily exposure leaching from his dental amalgams and having them replaced by his general dentist about the time his symptoms first appeared a decade earlier. Since then he has spent thousands of hours and a small fortune traveling across the country learning everything he could about heavy metal and chemical detoxification in order to heal himself. 

My own detoxification pathways had become compromised with environmental chemicals and heavy metals exceeding my body’s ‘toxic load’ and its ability to remove these poisons. My body fluids had become stagnant like the water in the goldfish bowl and I'd developed ‘chronic systemic cellular inflammation’.  When this happens normal byproducts from metabolism at the cellular level become trapped and cannot escape through the cell membrane and essential nutrients cannot enter. It’s like stalemate in chess. Nothing moves,” emphasized Tighe.
Most detoxification programs focus “downstream” and are only particularly effective in cleansing the intestines, liver and kidneys. This is where most programs end and True Cellular Detox begins. In order for any detoxification to be effective, you need to clear the major detoxification organs prior to delving deeper into other tissues where the body stores unwanted toxins like belly and visceral fat, skeletal muscle and bone. Phase 1 - The Prep Phase is essential to ensure that the body’s natural detox pathways are open and functional. Phase 2 - The Body Phase is where specifically designed, tested and proven nutritional products are utilized to travel deeper into the body’s tissues, further cleansing and removing foreign invaders. Heavy metals and chemicals are processed by the liver and captured in the intestines for removal via the bowel. The final phase of True Cellular Detox, Phase 3 - The Brain Phase, is where the magic happens. Until approximately 18 months ago a product that could travel deep into tissues and cross the blood-brain barrier and bind chemicals and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum for removal didn’t exist. Whole Body Detox wasn’t possible until the development of CytoDetox. This revolutionary product is the first true binder of its kind that contains a zeolite molecular crystal in a hydrolyzed solution that passes from the gut, into the blood and crosses the blood-brain barrier binding toxic heavy metals and like magnets removing them from the body. It’s only available to physicians trained and certified in True Cellular Detox protocols.

Having one’s dental amalgams safely removed by a biological dentist is an important step at removing mercury, a major contributing cause of chronic systemic cellular inflammation. However, it’s only a step in the process. True Cellular Detox is science-based and effective in removing various heavy metals and chemicals from every part of the body at the cellular level.   
Tighe began his journey five years ago and since then nearly all research literature is correlating the origin of every chronic degenerative disease to underlying systemic cellular inflammation and the chemicals that contribute to it. Not only is this the underlying cause of disease, it leads to premature aging and eventual cell death and death of the organism.

“It’s the pesticides, people!” warns Tighe. “Most Americans, young and old, are so toxic that their seven to 10 trillion cells are swimming in a sea of toxic soup and that’s the ugly truth!”

Now at age 63, having shed 65 pounds with little to no effort since beginning his own program and his health, stamina, strength, energy and vitality restored, he feels half his age. 
“Sixty is the new thirty!” he says. “I’ve gone from pain to purpose and I’m on a mission to offer healing, hope and health to every person in search of a better future. Like the Goldfish, we each live and die at the cellular level and I make no apologies telling anyone, ‘If it isn’t True Cellular Detox, it isn’t really detox.’
The sooner you begin Hilltop Healing’s True Cellular Detox program, the sooner you’ll begin to live the life you were meant to live.”

Hilltop Healing is located at 105 Berry Lane in Sewell. For more information or to make an appointment, call 856-468-3509, email [email protected] or visit

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