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Freedom From Health Insurance

Nov 03, 2016 10:15AM

Kim Haist’s main passion in life has always been to help people better their lives. As such, she spent over 12 years as a professional holistic wellness practitioner. Like many health-conscious people she struggled with the idea that traditional health insurance plans didn’t reward those that maintained healthy lifestyles. For the past 30 years she has gone without health insurance because she objected so strongly to a payment for a product she would never use. Health insurance wouldn’t cover the holistic treatments that she would turn to in case of illness anyway. Now that it’s the law that you have coverage, Haist became more determined then ever to find an answer to a system that she felt is not suited for her or people like her.

Starting her search for “affordable coverage”, she says, “I couldn’t believe what I would be paying each month for Obamacare, just because I was 48 at the time. There was no consideration of my current physical condition and healthy lifestyle. How is this affordable? It made no sense to me.” Haist felt there had to be a solution for what she felt was a broken, one-size-fits-all government-run system. This led her on a quest to find different healthcare options, “I knew there had to be a better way”.There was. Haist discovered a plan for people that were conscious about taking care of their bodies and is now sharing the opportunity through Haist calls it “a bold approach to paying your medical bills” that gives you “freedom from health insurance.” She says the program allows people to legally “opt out” of government-mandated health insurance and opt into a “Health Sharing Ministry” instead and that people don’t have to pay the tax penalty.

According to Wikipedia, more than 400,000 Americans participated in Health Sharing in 2015. These numbers are growing ever greater in large part because of Obamacare. She feels people simply are not finding affordable coverage.

Medical Health Sharing is a group of like-minded individuals that agree to share medical costs on a per incident basis, for illnesses or injuries incurring medical expenses when treated by physicians, urgent care facilities, clinics, emergency rooms or hospitals (inpatient and outpatient). Also, there is no network, you have the freedom to choose your providers. Haist says, “We only accept healthy minded people,” so the program is not for everyone. But, she adds, this is what helps keep the costs down for all that participate.

Medical Health Sharing offers significant savings for most people over the cost of their traditional Health Insurance Plans. Members can join anytime and there is a 60-day refund policy if the plan is not deemed a good fit.

For more information, call 609-405-1867 or visit

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