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Physical Well-Being Through Emotional Healing

Nov 03, 2016 10:06AM ● By Mica McCullough

Dr. Sean Inselberg, of the Nutritional Wellness Center, in Palmyra, New Jersey, doesn’t want anyone to feel the way he did many years ago. After graduating with pre-med and accounting/finance degrees, he began to feel ill much of the time.  He visited doctor after doctor and was prescribed so many medications that his liver ultimately sustained damage. It was then that Inselberg knew he needed to seek alternative treatment.

He never gave up in his quest to feel well, which led him to try acupuncture, massage, reiki and nutritional changes. Finally, he discovered the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), a service his practice now provides, which releases the emotional stress and trauma in the body. This emotional trauma may be hindering absolute health and wellness.

“Sometimes we are our own worst enemies,” he claims. “Sometimes it just takes getting those emotions out of the way so we can believe we deserve to be well, and know that we deserve to be well, which can then lead to actually feeling good and being well.”

Offering NET is one of the aspects that makes Inselberg’s practice unique. This technique allows him to look at every aspect of a health issue, including the emotional trauma that may be affecting physical health. “Many people don’t respond to nutritional changes alone. This can be due to toxicities in the environment and general stressors of the world. NET clears emotional blockages, which allows nutrition and supplements to become more effective. Tackling the root emotional causes of physical ailments can help with chronic pain, and we’ve even seen it prevent surgeries in patients that were on the brink of scheduling a surgery for a particular issue.”

Inselberg is highly confident in the effectiveness of NET, and has seen results in people that don’t suffer from chronic pain. “People that already live well and eat well can improve their mood and energies through NET by removing emotional blockages. Clearing those blockages allows their bodies to absorb more nutrients during the digestion process.” Like anything worth doing, using this technique requires maintenance and it can be easy to backtrack into old dietary and lifestyle habits. “It’s a journey; it’s challenging, but at the end you can look back and say, ‘Wow, I did it.’”

The Nutritional Wellness Center also offers Autonomic Response Testing (ART), which is more advanced than previous nutrition response testing. This gives patients’ bodies the best opportunity to heal themselves by determining missing nutrients, eliminating foods that cause immune dysfunction and getting to the root cause of chronic issues. Another facet that makes Inselberg’s practice unique stems from his childhood interest in becoming a veterinarian; his practice successfully treats dogs and cats, too. He has used some of the same techniques to treat patients’ furry friends, making his practice truly friendly for the whole family.

Inselberg has always liked to fix things, figure things out and put puzzles together, and now he gets to do that on a daily basis with his patients’ health. “Making people smile and feel better is so gratifying,” he says. “Helping other people feel better makes me better. It makes me feel like a better person and makes me feel healthier overall.”

His advice to patients is to listen to their bodies. “If you eat a certain food and suddenly feel tired, that food is probably not part of your optimum diet. When you’re tired, take the time to get rest, and always make sure you are drinking enough water. The vast majority of my patients have low water levels and don’t realize it.” 

Nutritional Wellness Center is located at (abbreviated st address). For more information or to make an appointment, call (ph number) or visit 

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