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Old Roof, New Road with M. Rosenblatt Roofing & Siding

M. Rosenblatt Roofing & Siding of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, which became a GAF Certified Green Roofer in 2015, recycles old shingles to be used to pave roads. To date, Rosenblatt Roofing has recycled 160 tons of old asphalt shingles, which is equivalent to the amount of trash generated by 46 families over the course of a year. This has saved 228 cubic yards of landfill space and created the raw materials needed to pave 2,286 feet of new roads.

Every year, 11 million tons of shingle waste are generated from tearing off old asphalt shingle roofs. Traditionally, when an old roof is removed from a house, the shingles are sent to the landfill. The shingles from an average size house take up about five cubic yards of landfill space—equivalent to the amount of trash generated by a family of four over the course of a year.

But there is a way to cut down on what is being sent to the landfill. An old ahalt roof can help to renew America’s highways and preserve our natural resources. Asphalt shingles can be sent to a recycling center where they are ground into smaller particles for use as paving material. The old shingles from an average size house can pave 50 feet of road.

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