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Women and the Estrogen-Based Cancer Risk Factor

Most women are aware of their blood pressure, cholesterol and fasting blood sugar values but very few know their estrogen-based cancer risk, also called the estrogen-quotient (EQ). Crafted by Dr. Henry Lemon to measure the three main forms of estrogen in women, the EQ can help determine the likelihood that a woman will develop breast cancer.

The EQ is calculated by inserting estrogen values into a mathematical formula in which E1 is estrone, E2 is estradiol and E3 is estriol. The formula is: EQ = E3/(E1 + E2). An EQ value greater than one is favorable and equates to a lower cancer risk due to E3’s protective effect. However, when the EQ falls below one and begins approaching zero, the overall estrogen-based cancer risk increases exponentially

Unfortunately, few physicians and health-conscious women are aware of the clinical significance of this equation. One in eight American women will develop breast cancer and increasing awareness of the EQ can help prevent this devastating disease.

Source: Doctor of Chiropractic James M. Tighe, of Hilltop Healing, located at 105 Berry Ln., Sewell. For more information, call 856-371-3682 or visit