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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Mount Meru Holistic

Mount Meru Holistic was created by Dana Reynolds, a healer with more than 30 years of experience in energy healing modalities. Operating out of Yoga for Living Studio, in Cherry Hill, she also travels throughout the tristate area, visiting clients in their homes for treatments. Sessions typically last between 40 and 60 minutes.

Reynolds practices Chunsu, a Korean form of qi that uses sound, acupressure and sweeping movements to channel qi and stimulate the movement of yuan qi, or pranic energy, within the body. This energy can rejuvenate cells and balance the systems in the body, creating a more youthful vitality and appearance, as well as rejuvenating, purifying and centering the mental and emotional states of the mind.

Reynolds began training in Chunsu in 1999.The granddaughter of native medicine people of Virginia with an academic background in anthropology and education, she learned that many shamanic traditions acknowledge that physical and mental illnesses are the result of an imbalance of inherited ancestral energies. This imbalance can impact the quality of life and health of individuals. Reynolds uses her training to rapidly address many common problems, including chronic pain and illness, Parkinson’s disease, immune disorders, arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, skin problems, viruses, tumors, depression, early aging and many other physical and mental issues.

Cost: $25 to 50, depending on number of clients and transportation costs. Yoga for Living Studio is located at 1926 Greentree Rd. For more information or an appointment, call 856-993-1786, email [email protected] or visit