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The Benefits of Whole Body Detox

Aug 22, 2016 04:01PM ● By Dr. James Tighe

Many detoxifications programs are only partially effective, with incomplete cleansing of the intestines, liver and kidneys. Hilltop Healing’s True Cellular Detox begins with Phase 1, The Prep Phase. This portion of the cleanse is essential to ensuring that the body’s natural detox pathways are open and functional. It is followed by Phase 2, The Body Phase, which includes designed, tested and proven nutritional products that travel deep into the body’s tissues, cleansing and removing foreign invaders. The heavy metals and chemicals processed by the liver are captured in the intestines for removal throughout the bowel.


The final phase of True Cellular Detox is Phase 3, The Brain Phase. CytoDetox is the first binder of its kind to contain a zeolite molecular crystal in a hydrolyzed solution that is able to pass from the gut into the blood, crossing the blood-brain barrier to reach the brain. It binds and removes heavy metals from the deep tissue and crosses the blood-brain barrier to effectively target and remove mercury, lead and aluminum from brain tissue.


Source: James M. Tighe, doctor of chiropractic and director of Hilltop Healing, LLC. He offers True Cellular Detox with Holistic Integrative Nutritional Services for tri-state area residents. For more information, call 856-468-3509 or visit

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