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Prepping Healthy Lunches During the School Year

Aug 04, 2016 03:35PM

With the start of the academic year this month, parents will be shopping for clothes, backpacks, school supplies and lunchboxes. Opting for a lunchbox full of healthy food instead of cafeteria meals this August can promote healthy eating habits for children and make sure they get some real nutrients in their lunchtime diets.


Parents can start by prepping for lunches during the weekend, a practice that saves time and prevents stress for students and parents. Work together with children to find lunch options that are both healthy and delicious. Cut up veggies and fill snack bags with carrot sticks, broccoli, berries and pumpkin seeds, along with a small container of hummus or dip for each day.


If children enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, opt for making them from scratch instead of buying the frozen brands. Make the sandwiches ahead of time, put them in a baggie and throw them in the freezer. Kids can put them in their lunchbox frozen and they will thaw by lunchtime. Instead of soda or juice boxes, use refillable water bottles and sparkling water for a healthier alternative. Involving students in the process empowers them and eases the workload for busy parents.


Source: Jennifer ________ (need last name), a holistic health practitioner with Thrive! Health and Wellness, in Williamstown. For more information, call 856-881-4103, email [email protected] or visit

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