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Letter from Publisher

Aug 04, 2016 04:55PM ● By Michelle Vacanti

This month we focus on empowering our youth. It is particularly poignant for me as

my oldest daughter is embarking on her adult journey  as she leaves for college this fall.

Most parents, at this unbelievably bittersweet stage, question whether or not they have done their job.


I wonder, have I prepared, inspired and empowered her to take on all that life will inevitably bring: adventure, responsibility, challenge, sorrow, joy, a call to purpose. How does one know? I certainly made mistakes while trying to avoid the ones my own parent’s made. And no doubt she will make her own on this beautiful journey we call life. However, I find peace in knowing that mistakes can also be blessings. After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience and our essence is built upon the aggregation of this life experience, good and bad. In this month's issue, we give you some great words of wisdom:


Growing up Empowered offers tools for children to dream big and be of service to others.

Yay for Play helps us engage and spark creativity.

South Jersey Sudbury School demonstrates how to empower by educating with democratic ideals.

The Art of Zen Parenting leads us to inspire from a spiritual perspective.


For those in the throes of parenting young children, the cliché is so true: “you blink and it’s over”.  So are these perennial words of wisdom: take time, be present, listen, encourage, love, and most importantly, live your own empowered and inspired life and lead by example. With that, I offer the world my beautiful beacon of light, Brooke.


Be Empowered

Michelle Vacanti


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