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Inspiring Children to Take Action


Whether practiced at home or in a studio setting, kid’s yoga instills a solid foundation for a life of self-love, acceptance, kindness, trust, respect, compassion, patience and a willingness to help others in a non-judgmental way. Children build confidence in themselves and cultivate the tools they need to retreat to a safe place in times of stress, empowering them with the ability to self-soothe, unwind and relax in our overstimulating world.


Essential to empowerment are five elements: connecting, breathing, moving, focusing and relaxing. Kid’s yoga fosters both internal and external connections for children, helping them make sense of their own emotional experiences and grounding them in an awareness of their environment and the needs of others. Conscious breathing is one of the most powerful tools used in kid’s yoga for self-determination and teaching children that they have control over their own emotional and energetic state.


Movement is an essential component of yoga and the postures help children maintain a state of alert engagement, minimizing overactive behavior while helping kids feel strong and energetic. Kid’s yoga also offers focused activities designed to allow children the capacity to experiment with what it means to focus. Repeated practice permits them to notice when their mind wanders and bring it back to the task at hand. In addition to the lack of focus that can come from an 

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