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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Spring Flower Show in Cherry Hill

The Horticultural Society of New Jersey will host its annual members’ Spring Flower Show at 7 p.m., June 14, at the Carmen Tilelli Community Center, in Cherry Hill.


During judging, Associate Professor and County Environmental Agent for Burlington and Camden Counties with Rutgers University Cooperative Extension Mike Haberland will present a free Rain Gardens for Homeowners program.


Specifically designed to soak up rain water from the roof, driveway, patios and other impervious surfaces, rain gardens look like regular flower gardens but when it rains, the garden fills with a few inches of water and allows it to slowly filter into the ground rather than running into storm sewers.


Location: 820 Mercer St. For more information, call 856-816-8508 or visit 

Photo Credit: Rain Dog Designs, Gig Harbor, WA.