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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Hilltop Healing LLC Opens in Sewell

Doctor of Chiropractic James M. Tighe has opened Hilltop Healing, a chiropractic and wellness clinic, at 105 Berry Lane, in Sewell. This innovative practice focuses on cellular healing.


No matter how healthy or clean a person’s lifestyle is, toxins are an inescapable part of modern life. A growing number of Americans struggle with low energy, brain fog and a metabolic condition called weight loss resistance. This syndrome is driven by neurotoxins that affect the brain and hormones, causing chronic systemic cellular inflammation. Heavy metals, including mercury, lead and aluminum, are crossing the blood-brain barrier and entering the body and manmade chemicals are finding their way into the American diet, destroying gut flora and leading to food allergies, sensitivities, and thyroid and autoimmune diseases.


With firsthand experience dealing with mercury poison, Tighe has suffered with many of these conditions. His journey to regain his own health transformed his pain into purpose, compelling him to open the practice and deliver his patented system, True Cellular Detox, to those suffering the South Jersey community.


For more information, call 856-468-3509, email [email protected] or visit