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Achieving the DreamAchieving the Dream: Samantha Sagot Helps Others Live Healthier Lives

Jun 04, 2016 02:35PM ● By Ethan Stoetzer

Dr. Samantha Sagot, DC, lives by three holistic principles: correct diet, correct exercise and correct alignment. As a doctor of chiropractic, she has spent her life studying the delicate balance that shapes our lives, and until now, had her sights on making a living in such a manner.


After finishing her preceptor in New Jersey and becoming a licensed chiropractor, Sagot returned to Marlton, New Jersey, but things have changed since she left to finish her doctorate program at Palmer Chiropractic School in Port Orange, Florida. Being a doctor of chiropractic was, at one time, Sagot’s way to combine making a living with continuing her lifelong dream to help others. Now, it’s a gift she intends to donate to families, children and individuals in need.


Thanks to her work with AdvoCare, a Texas-based supplement company, Sagot has found a way to both make a living making others healthier, and continue to share her passion.


“I got involved [with AdvoCare] as a future doctor to recommend high-quality vitamins and minerals to patients, family and clientele,” Sagot says.


As an independent contractor for the company, Sagot discovered that she was able to support herself with her work with the company without sacrificing her time to always be in an office setting as a doctor.


“I don’t want to trade time for money,” Sagot says. “It was in my heart to give back, by being a volunteer and helping others get healthier in holistic way.”


AdvoCare offers a wide variety of high-quality supplements for a plethora of uses, from low energy, to weight loss, to cleanses, to improved performance in the gym. Most notable for its 24-Day Challenge, Sagot was encouraged to partake in the program from a good friend that happened to be a personal trainer, during her stay at chiropractic school.


“I dropped two pants sizes in six weeks with the program,” Sagot says. “I was a college athlete, so I knew that something was different about these supplements. That’s how I decided to promote the changes to my family.”


With an initial goal to help 500 people from the time she was 23 years old to when she turned 26, Sagot went on to help over 10,000 people reach their health goals.


“I’m an over achiever. I’m that type of girl that wanted to get there faster,” Sagot says. “I’m not the type of girl that’s going to wait for something. I had a mission to change lives.”


Sagot says that her top supplement regiments that she shares involve increasing energy and weight loss. Clients usually call Sagot with their experiences, and she then recommends the correct supplements they can take to help achieve their health goals.


“I’m not a professional in the workout world,” Sagot says. “As a doctor, your heart’s a muscle, so while I do recommend exercise, 80 percent of your body is made lean in the kitchen. AdvoCare helps a person fill in his or her nutritional food gaps with core vitamins and minerals.”


AdvoCare’s number one product is called Spark, a powder consisting of 21 vitamins and minerals, as well as essential amino acids. The product also contains a small dose of caffeine, which when mixed with vitamin B12 allows one to have a better oxygenated-focus, says Sagot.


Her passion to help others holistically stems from a personal connection to non-holistic practices in prescription management. Sagot’s little brother developed an unfortunate addiction at a young age to prescription medications after being misdiagnosed. Sagot chose to be a chiropractor for the inability to write prescriptions.


“[Medical Doctors] just put [patients] on a pill to make things go away,” Sagot says. “I decided I was going to leave a different impact, even if it was with only one person, holistically. I don’t have a script note to prescribe anything, and I never want one.”


With her passion to help others, naturally, Sagot intends to continue her practice of chiropractic by setting up a non-profit organization in the near future. She follows a philosophy, “Help others achieve their dreams, and you’ll achieve yours.”


“The more people I can help, the better the world’s going to become,” Sagot says. “Whether it’s someone gaining a little energy so they can play with their kids longer, or someone losing five pounds for their wedding dress or hundreds becoming healthier and happier in a holistic way!”


For more information call 856-816-5342, or visit

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