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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Letter from Publisher

I like to think that I was “green” when it was just a color. As a young child, I remember wondering where all the trash went and being truly concerned that the world would eventually overflow with garbage. But then, when the garbage always seemed to magically disappear, I grew to forget about this awful plight. Lets face it, as humans it is much easier to ignore a problem than to face the reality. Even so, I was recycling and up-cycling everything possible before I knew what the terms meant.

“Everyday Sustainability” talks about the importance of starting small at home, and we can all take these easy steps. For me, I sleep well at night knowing that I do contribute in small ways; I supply my own shopping bags, I look for sustainably sourced products, I re-use all plastics to the point of embarrassing my family and I generally seek out a minimalist existence. But, I dream big and now that I publish a “green” living magazine I feel an even greater responsibility to set an example. Some day soon I will drive a more efficient car, I will equip my home with a renewable energy source, I will compost and collect rainwater to name a few things on the list. In the meantime, however, I do what I can, step-by-step. My hope is that this little publication will also educate and serve as a reminder to all of our readers that there are things we can all do everyday that are meaningful. It is easy to assume we can’t make a difference and throw our hands in frustration, but perhaps if we are all starting small, the impact can be enormous.

Happy Earth Day!

Michelle Vacanti, Publisher

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