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Strengthen the Recovery Process with Yoga and Meditation

Sep 03, 2015 04:05PM

To say that the journey of recovery can be challenging is an understatement. Staying clean and/or sober while learning to deal with emotions, relationships and life situations, which in some cases have been avoided for years or even decades, can be a harrowing process. Yoga and meditation can help individuals in recovery successfully navigate these new experiences.

Andrew J. Assini, licensed addictions counselor, recovering addict and founder of Samma Vayama Well-Being, is familiar with the positive benefits that yoga and meditation can have for recovering individuals. “Especially in early recovery, the mind is going a thousand miles an hour in a million different directions. Even a little bit of yoga or meditation can help bring some peace and quiet to a very challenging and chaotic time,” he explains.

Research shows that yoga and meditation are associated with a wide variety of positive outcomes, including decision making, impulse control, decreased reactivity—all issues at the heart of addictive behavior.  

“If a recovering person can do something that gives them just an extra second to pause and think before acting, that second could make all the difference,” shares Assini. “We know now through research and brain science that practicing yoga and meditation can help develop self-awareness and strengthen areas of the brain associated with slowing or stopping unconscious behavior patterns. This is crucial for someone travelling the road to recovery.”

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