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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Nature's Dynamic Bounty

A soothing comfort envelopes me when the trees and clouds are my canopy and a trail of earth meets my soul. Nature, in all of her dynamic bounty, freely shares her energy and affords gifts of renewal, cleansing and nurture. It’s a subtle yet powerful transformation that sensibly returns me to the realm of my existence in Creation.

I’ve never had a less than satisfying experience walking in the woods or by the sea. My appreciation for these moments typically comes gushing forth with an exclamation of gratitude followed by the query: Why I didn’t do this earlier?

“Nature’s Wisdom,” Christine MacDonald’s feature beginning on page 18, recognizes what we all innately know—time outdoors is as vital to our well-being as the food we eat. Now more scientists are working to explain why physical, emotional and spiritual healing happens naturally when we commune with nature’s primal elements.

The world of technology does everything in its power to entice us into drifting away from beneficial natural forces. When interacting with a computer seems to be dominating my time and energy, I find there’s no substitute for an hour-long walk outside. My best moments of clarity and insight are inevitably achieved there. We are all part of the same cosmic stardust of creation and embracing the natural world serves to reignite society’s neglected connections to the plants, animals, wind, sea and earth.

“Green” may be termed a cliché these days, but I’m among millions of people witnessing a blossoming movement around environmentally important issues and actions. Earth Day reminds us that the magnitude of the restorative work yet to be done is monumental and challenging. It reminds us to reflect on how well each one of us is doing in stewarding Mother Earth’s generous bounty and how far we must go to do our part.

Thanks go to Ed Cohen, an active participant in Sustainable Cherry Hill and the Tri-County Sustainable Alliance, for providing the list of Earth Day activities in our area shown on page 16. It’s exciting to see all the local townships getting involved in the sustainability movement, offering a place for every generation to learn why it’s important to become active in their communities. Never has there been a better time to be a part of the shift towards a greener town, state, country and world. Mother Earth will be glad to receive your help, and so will future generations!

Each month we work to present a balance of articles and briefs to help South Jersey readers live healthier and happier lives. The topics vary but the intent is always the same, to offer information that will expand and support your ability to care for yourself and loved ones. I’m always pleased to hear when we hit the mark. Whenever I receive someone’s heartfelt thanks expressing their affection for our magazine’s mission, I feel renewed again, as nature would have it.

In gratitude,

Donald Moore, Publisher

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