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Spirit: It’s Personal and Purposeful

Has anyone called you an angel lately for your generous behavior? Have you called upon an angel in the recent past for hope, guidance or protection? Are you finding pennies from heaven, feathers in unusual places, digital Earth time of 11:11 or the lights flickering in your house for no apparent electrical reason? If you pay close attention, you’ll discover that heavenly guidance responds through symbolism to activate our universal awareness here on Earth.

There have been thousands of your close encounters and spiritual interruption “coincidences” that you have shared publicly during mediumship sessions. The uniquely personal accounts of your spiritual stories are both humbling and profound. Each one of your stories of spirit is exclusive and purposeful in your life yet it supports the evidence of “call and response to all soul seekers”. Today it is commonplace to have meditative, stimulating moments of heavenly guidance and prophetic dreams.

Teachers of religion, yoga and spirituality are the strongest proponents of accessing your expanded consciousness in the everyday. Yoga teachers encourage us to focus on our physical body, breath and Prana. In this greater exploration of mind/body devotion, the discoveries are endless. By arousing our emotional energy systems, we begin to acknowledge our bodies as a temple… our own personal entity to worship. We eat and sleep better, and our dream (our subconscious voice) reveals itself.

Our spiritual teachers reinforce the upper echelons of guidance from several sources; gods, gurus, angels through mindfulness and meditation. When we assimilate our internal nature and it sensitizes us to all of nature. Our religious teachers instruct the essence of a God channeled through scripture, rituals and places of worship. All of these purposeful belief systems inspire individualized faith and hope for the enhanced spiritual experience to appear. Our teachers, friends and even Hollywood movies validate the increased frequency of significant heavenly vibrations. The physical response of goose bumps, truth bumps, is an easy example of involuntary responses to beliefs that resonate within us.

Fortunately, spirit is accessed freely, 24/7, more like a 7/11 and 11/11. Even if we are not looking for spirit, it has a funny way of finding us. It’s similar to looking up at a dark sky and finding that brilliant star that’s appearing cosmic and expansive. It’s our reminder to be a part of this universal matrix every moment. The stars never disappear; it’s just the contrast that exposes them.

Notice if you need contrast in your life to experience grace. The primary request of the soul seeker is, “How can there be more spiritual symbolism in my life?” Well, we’ve confirmed that spirit can be everywhere. It’s beyond the four walls of sacred places. If you activate your sacred nature more often, you’ll be seeing personal, symbolic responses joyfully and more regularly.

An Invitation of Meditation

Imagine that there are invisible bonds connecting you to all living things. You are an intersection in the beautiful multicolored vibration of humankind. Think of these coordinates becoming three-dimensional, slowly rising above you and falling below you, continuing to make grid patterns, until it includes every level of being in the universe. When you allow yourself to be a part of a larger spiritual Internet, you’re energy flows more freely when connected to a larger pattern. No matter what you do, wherever you go, you can draw upon this whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

You just have to believe to see it!

Alaine Portner, E-RYT 500, Medium, Spiritual Educator, author of Medium Memoirs Messages of Love, Hope and Reunion, and owner of the Yoga Center of Medford. For more information, visit or

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