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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Letter From Publisher

Nov 30, 2014 05:07PM

This time of year is laced in mystical awe and celebration. I can feel the energy in the air change as the month passes. The holidays bring about a rekindled awareness of our hopes and dreams pushed aside by hectic lives and work. Songs and smells fill homes and stores, conjuring up feelings of anticipation and expectations. The child in me is stirred and the stressful moments seem to take a back seat to a more forgiving and grateful son, father and brother. It is about allowing the flow of the season to embrace and warm me. It is time for peace and joy to open my heart.

I have been blessed to be a part of the “awakening” in this part of the country and the world. This inward journey of awakening goes beyond intellect and dives into a spiritual realm, where all things are possible and hidden truths unveil themselves when we least expect it. The journey continues to test the boundaries of my inherited conceptions, stretching my notion of what is truth or reality, but the train left the station and there is no turning back. It was no mistake that I choose Natural Awakenings to further my journey. This magazine has been a catalyst for a personal transformation in my career and life, instilling a responsibility to ignite awareness and concern for the future of our planet and life, and examining our place in the cosmos. My train has many passengers, all good people who are fulfilling their own personal journey and calling, helping others to heal and learn while they heal themselves.

The line to get here has not been straight, to be sure, and I was undoubtedly moving too fast, missing important stations along the way, but like most of us I have followed the dominant societal track into adulthood, groping my way through life with shared beliefs and misconceptions. Yet as a child I knew what was right or wrong. Trusting in my intuition was easier then, it just flowed, but my quiet epiphanies, what I saw and knew, were packed away with time only to be opened during Christmas and other special days. Now I am learning that any day is a good day to open the boxes and flood the room with light, and to trust what I trusted, those many years ago. I am more aware that my life is as it should be, perfect for me and no one else. The lessons learned along the way were a gift, to grow from, to live by, to give by, station by station.

It is exciting to hear of people using spirit as a way to break down old barriers. Our feature article Sacred Activism” on page 14 explains how important it is for people to become actively involved while practicing compassion and kindness. We all share the same air, water and food, but spirit is the very essence of our commonality. We are all connected, and your actions affect others, as they affect you, so live in peace and practice kindness. We only pass this way once.

My blessings to all.

Peace, Love and Light,

Don Moore, Publisher

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