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Haddonfield Doctor Opens First Concierge Family Practice

Khayriyyah Chandler

Khayriyyah Chandler, doctor of osteopathy, has opened Chandler Wellness Care (CWC), a concierge family practice, in downtown Haddonfield. The clinic will cover many aspects of family and integrative medicine with a particular emphasis on nutrition.

“What we put in our mouth is the first medicine. From lactating mothers to obesity, CWC wants to help, including shopping and cooking with patients,” says Chandler, who takes a small-town approach to patient care, maintaining the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. She explains, “With CWC, patients have access to the doctor’s cell phone, 30-minute visits, house calls, Skype and telemedicine visits. I can focus on the patient uniquely, walking, teaching and even doing tai chi together.”

Chandler provides osteopathic manipulation (OMT) for common conditions like headache and back pain for all patients, including pregnant and postpartum women. The clinic also offers vitamin supplementation, weight-loss management, monthly lectures and more.

Location: 25 A Tanner St. For more information or to make an appointment, call 856-874-8194 or visit

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